Séminaire doctoral – 3 mai 2022 – Caroline PERRIN

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Le prochain séminaire doctoral sera présenté par Caroline PERRIN (LaRGE) et aura lieu le mardi 3 mai 2022 à 14h en salle Ehud au PEGE.


Titre :  “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds?  The Effect of Women-Friendly Legislation on Female-Led Firms’ Access to Credit “


Discutant senior: Faustine PERRIN (BETA)

Discutant junior: Nicolas JALABERT (BETA)


” Does a women-friendly legal environment help women to overcome discrimination in credit markets? By examining antidiscrimination laws and their implications for women-led businesses’ access to credit in 124 countries, the current study differentiates an effect on discouragement (i.e., not asking for credit when they need it, demand-side) and an effect on the probability that they obtain credit (supply-side). Legal protections are associated with lower women-led firms’ discouragement, but they do not attain more credit. We demonstrate that enforcement efforts dramatically amplify the effect of women\u0002friendly laws on self-restrictions in terms of credit and enable female prospects to access more credit. Women are sensitive to the legal environment in which they operate, while banks need strong incentives to change their behaviour. This effect is notable with regard to rational discouragement and prevails among smaller firms and in high income countries. These results are robust to several tests.”